Self Managing HMO's Maintenance Issues

Managing Maintenance Issues

Do you self manage your HMO's?

How do you manage maintenance issues?


Ensuring that maintenance issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently is a major part of our role as good landlords.

However, I don't expect you to be carrying a box of tools and tricks around with you, and doing any DIY. Landlords need to implement effective systems to manage their maintenance.

Our system is brilliantly simple.

  1. We have a 'Bat' phone (as in pass the baton) - which is our maintenance only line. This number is advertised in every house for tenants to report lock outs and other maintenance issues to.
  2. We have contracted a general maintenance engineer (self employed) to respond to all general maintenance issues. In most areas of the country you will find a maintenance company who can do property repairs and renewals.
  3. The 'Bat' phone is passed to this maintenance engineer, who has been tasked by us to answer and respond to the jobs. The engineer gets an 'on call' allowance for holding the phone, even if he gets zero jobs. All work is carried out on an agreed hourly rate. Any major expenses have to be pre-authorised by us.
  4. Our engineer goes on holiday and the phone is passed back to us to manage and stack jobs / deal with emergencies or goes to another engineer.
  5. Then use your time to find more property deals to increase your property portfolio - then you are no longer a landlord and you become a property investor.

Remember the mnemonic for SYSTEM 'system = Save Your Self Time Energy & Money.


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