How Property can make you MONEY quickly?

Money Making Property

Property can be a slow and a fast game. While some people may view property as a slow-burner, focusing only on long-term capital growth, there are ways that you can quickly make amazing money from property.

How do WE do quickly?

At New Era Property, we focus on finding both high demand areas and/or future growth areas. This is the quickest ways to generate money from property.

  • High demand areas – these are areas where they will always be a high demand for quality housing. Think: Central London, cities, big towns and student towns (great for HMOs).
  • Future growth areas – this is where you get in at the start of a project. So, the creation of new towns and villages (such as Ebbsfleet Garden City in Kent, Aylesbury Garden Town in Buckinghamshire and Taunton Garden Town in Somerset) and opportunities in regeneration areas. New infrastructure changes such as removal of Tolls on bridges or new train stations support growth of local populations.

Keep up to date with your regional authority’s website. Look to see if they have published any property development plans,. The government's vision is to build 300,000 new houses annually look out for these opportunities.

Why property?

No matter what the economy or what politicians are doing, there will always be a high demand for quality homes  due to:


Property investment solves yours and other's peoples problems

  • It makes you money – freeing up your life.
  • You can help others by providing quality housing to those who need it.
  • You will learn so much – being a property investor will teach you so many things that will help all your life skills.


Do you want to make money from property QUICKLY?

Then here are some things to look for:

  • Cashflow is critical – make sure that will you be earning a healthy monthly income.
  • Remember that any capital growth is a bonus.
  • While the BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer shows lots of success stories of people buying refurbishing and then selling houses, do remember, it can be risky. Do your research, check your numbers, build in a contingency amount and then be brave and do it.
  • When you are buying to hold and for cashflow, always buy well. Buy at a discount or a property that has been reduced for a quick sale.
  • Find motivated sellers who are tired of running a property business and have either a tired portfolio or are not great landlords (listen to our latest podcast – 5 steps to finding motivated landlords).


Other strategies that help you make money quickly

Here are some more ideas …

  • Rent to rent - rent a property from another landlord (typically at a guaranteed rent lower than market value if possible) then sub-let the property out to tenants charging them current market rental rates or multi let it to tenants (be careful there is a lot of legislation involved in multi let / house shares).
  • Lease options – the lease bit is where you agree to a monthly payment to the property owner so that you can let it out to tenants for a profit. The option bit is where you pre-agree a price at which you can buy the property later if you want to.
  • Purchases – if the figures add-up, buy a property with a tenant in-situ, for example. Build relationships with local estate agents and join property networking groups etc. to find opportunities.

Next steps

Making money from property - and quickly – can be done. Sometimes, however, things that look too good to be true probably are! And the excitement of getting what you perceive is a good deal can sometimes make you see through rose-tinted glasses. So, keep a level head, do your due diligence and make sure you understand what you are getting involved with. You can make informed property decisions by taking advantage of property investment courses and resources as well as speaking to experienced investors.


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