Property can create recurring income and wealth!

Having left the police force to get into property full time, I was able to replace my income in 12 months and now have over £7 million pounds worth of property. 

Find your financial freedom

One of the mistakes I made early on in my property career was not focusing on owning lots of property. I flipped property, refurbished and developed a few properties. It was only when I discovered high cashflow property that I was truly financially free. Owning a portfolio that doesn't cashflow, is not empowering to any lifestyle. If you want to control your time, create great cashflow. 

An ex-police station, that is now an 11 bed HMO !

Blocks of 28 flats, which have doubled in value in the last 4 years. 

One of my HMO's that cashflows £1000 per month.  

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