You Know you have a Problem?

  • You Hate your Job?
  • You Want to Increase Your Salary?
  • Are you worried about Retirement income?
  • You don't know where to start?
  • You don't have much time or money for training courses?

We understand your problem!

You Need Help to learn, find and understand HMO's in a low-cost way

Your time is limited; you want to learn at a time that suits you

You want to learn fast and online


Our Online HMO mentoring programme will help you learn the HMO strategy. All the below features for a flat monthly fee with no contract!

  • Online Learning with NO CONTRACT
  • Full classroom day tutorial with Rick 
  • Brand new structured drip fed content released each month
  • Due Diligence when stacking deals
  • Article 4 planning conditions
  • HMO Licensing Regulations
  • How to negotiate deals
  • How to deal directly to Vendor
  • How to write your documentation
  • How to obtain an HMO License
  • How to work with a Building team
  • How to refurbish your property and what to consider
  • How to ensure that you are entirely compliant
  • How to attract the best Tenants
  • How to systemise your business
  • How to grow and scale
  • How to get money back out of deals
  • Marketing
  • Working with JV partners
  • Working with other people's money
  • Rent to Rent strategy
  • Lease Purchase Options
  • Exchange with Delayed Completions
  • Straight forward Purchase
  • Full knowledge and education
  • Housing Law - Housing Act
  • How to deal with bad and non-paying Tenants
  • Mindset and reason why
  • Live Members Webinar once a month
  • 1-1 Support from Rick via email and the Forum
  • Also included is our Tenant Systems Training Package which we typically charge £250 each for!! 
  • AND MUCH MUCH MORE there is over 96 hours of content with this package and more than you need to begin your successful journey in HMO Investing!





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